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Livecookintable Breakfast Station

Chafer – keep foods such as bacon and sausages warm, or keep fruit and yoghurt chilled with the use of ice.
Induction – suitable for cooking and warming – perfect for an egg station
Airwall – eliminates cooking odours and excess steam
MS Multistation – use as a jam and honey station
MS Hot+Chill 2/1 GN well – use as a hot well for warm pastries, or as a cold well for yoghurts.
Hot+Chill Plus – for warming and cooling
BG Buffet Guard – a protective glass cover for Hot+Chill

Includes from left to right:

  • Professional 4
  • Chafer
  • Induction
  • Airwall
  • MS Multistation
  • MS Hot+Chill 2/1 GN well
  • Hot+Chill Plus
  • BG Buffet Guard 2



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