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Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are positively abundant with magnificent restaurants and hotels. Their talented chefs create dazzling menus using a superb array of fresh produce that is the envy of the world. We believe that food and service of this standard deserves the highest level of presentation – style and quality are everything!

That’s why TD Innovations has extensively searched the world for the finest, most innovative and high quality tableware, buffet ware & cutting edge equipment. We specialize in banqueting, buffet presentation, hot / cold food holding and live cooking, not to mention some of the world’s coolest plates, accent pieces and everything else for beautiful table presentation. TD Innovations are exclusive importers and distributors of a number of premium brands such as: Eco-burner, Eco-serve, Holler, Venta Design, Figgjo, Frilich, Mepra, Pordamsa, Zieher to name a few.

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