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Figgjo ‘Aura’

Figgjo Aura

“Figgjo Aura has soft edges and a sense of delicacy.”

This is what Erik Lindberg, Figgjo’s Designer and Product Development Manager, has to say about Figgjo’s new Autumn series, Aura.

Figgjo wanted to create something new and innovative – something a little bit extreme. Yet it had to remain functional and commercially viable. Figgjo Aura has a cylindrical and soft look and consists of two plates in the Front series.

“I was inspired by natural stones. Their geometry and simplicity appealed to me. My goal was to create a solid frame to hold food. But I also hoped to achieve the impression of a floating plate,” Lindberg explains.

He hopes that Aura’s creative design will enhance the dining experience.

Lindberg has worked closely with several of Norway’s leading chefs, including the country’s Bocuse d’Or candidate Christian André Pettersen, as well as the national cooking teams in both Norway and Sweden. Their feedback helped to shape the design of Figgjo Aura.

“It was wonderful to work with experts within food and dining. It helped us to ensure that functionality was incorporated into the aesthetics. The plates need to be stackable, have a suitable weight, and still be suitable for restaurant and catering purposes,” Lindberg continues. He spent a year working on the design in order to achieve all of these goals.

9063HH | 19.5cm Share Plate
9004HH | 28.5cm Flat Plate

Made in Norway

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