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MultiWasher MWS700

Unlimited efficiency.

MultiWasher is a high performance industrial washing appliance engineered by Somengil. Developed for the most demanding tasks where wash quality and machine performance are critical success factors for your business.

Yes, it cleans.

MultiWasher’s cutting-edge technology has been designed in a wash-cabinet format that optimises space and achieves the best cleaning results.

Looks perfect.

It looks like highly engineered washing equipment, and guess what. MultiWasher is just that. But it is not just a pretty face: it is the ultimate solution to achieve the best washing results. Because perfection is not just appearance, it is also efficiency.

Works perfectly.

Each detail and element has been designed and engineered to fulfil its purpose. MultiWasherwas designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly, whilst delivering the best results. This what we call perfection.

Put it all in. It can handle it.

No matter what you want to wash, MultiWash can handle it. From shopping carts to shopping baskets, to pans, dishes and much more. MultiWasher is industry agnostic.

Save water.

MultiWasher uses 2/3 less water than other similar industrial washing solutions.

Save detergent.

Needs 70% less detergent for a perfect wash, and is completely environmentally-friendly.

Save space and labour.

Designed to occupy as little space as possible and at the same time to create a bigger and better workspace.

Save money.

Smart energy consumption + lower usage of water and detergent + less maintenance = more savings.

Wash data:

– Tank volume 500 L
– Tank power 31,6 kW
– Tank filling time 30 min (300 kPa)
– Wash pump 15 kW
– Tank wash temperatures 50-80°C
– Washing pressure 1300 kPa (130 bar)
– Wash pump flow 420 l/min

Rinse data:

– Boiler volume 20 L
– Boiler power 21 kW
– Rinse pump 0,46 kW
– Rinse temperature 85°C
– Rinse pressure 300 kPa (3 bar)
– Rinse pump flow 16 l/min
– Water consumption 8 L (30s rinse)


– External Measurements 2755 x 2195 x 2740 mm
– Internal Measurement 1200 x 1200 x 1980 mm



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