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Livecookintable Dessert Station

Ice Teppan – Prepare fresh rolled ice cream to order
Hot+ Chill – Display hot, cold or ambient food such as cupcakes or donuts
BG Buffet Guard – Provide a hygienic guard over Hot+Chill
MS Multistation – Buffet station that can be used to hold plates and sit the ice display
Ice Display – A chilled display for serving ice cream, toppings, etc
Buffet Display – Suitable for displaying pastries, cakes and other sweets
Food Bridge – Contains a black melamine tray that canbe used for service of chocolates and sweets

Includes from left to right:

  • MS Ice Teppan -25C
  • Professional 4
  • Hot+Chill
  • BG Buffet Guard 2
  • MS Multistation
  • Ice display
  • Professional 4
  • Buffet Display
  • Food Bridge
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