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Kopa Hibachi Countertop Grill

Robata is a long-standing Japanese grilling tradition. The origins go back to ancient fishermen in northern Japan who took boxes of hot coals with them on their boats to heat and grill the fish they caught.

Modern Robata is a type of charcoal grill modeled after those coal boxes. In Japanese and Asian kitchens Robata grills are mostly used to grill in front of guests.

The versatility of Robata grill makes it very suitable for all kinds of cuisines and all kinds of grilled dishes. The Layout of Robata grill allows for many different heat zones that can be used for gilling or heating of food.

KOPA Hibachi and Yakitori grills are stylish table top grills intended for temporary or everyday use in a kitchen or in front of a customer. The fire box is separated from the frame so you can place them on a stainless-steel table without worrying about the bench surface.  The fire box is built out of 5 mm steel that ensures a stable grilling temperature and an extremely long life being used in a harsh kitchen environment. There is also the option of a Robatayaki add-on structure for the purpose of grilling skewers, cooking at lower temperatures and resting meats.

Grill Size: 290 x 300mm

Total Size: 400mmW x 345mmD x 250mmH

Colours: Black & Red

Construction: Marine grade stainless steel

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