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The design and appearance of the Kopa Parilla ensure that wherever you place it is bound to make a statement and draw the customers eyes to the action around it and increase sales of your grilled food. It is not just a grill it is a show maker and an entertainer all in one.

Our goal was to create a grill that is beautiful to look at, performs wee, is easy to use, easy to clean and a grill that can endure the hard everyday conditions of a professional kitchen for many years to come. And we believe that we more than succeeded in that quest.

Kopa Parilla is designed with a lifting and tilting grill rack that offers you multiple grilling possibilities. You can easily lift or lower the rack to increase or decrease the cooking temperature. By correctly controlling the distance between the food and the coals you are able to easily find a perfect temperature every time, saving you from having to move coals around or wait for heat levels to reduce.

Grill rack consists of removable V-grooved grill racks. The V-groove grate provides a sturdier cooking surface and more even heat distribution than typical wire-grate barbeques. The grilling surface which sits at a slight angle allows the juices that drip from the meat to run down the channel and collect in the drip pan attached to the grill rack. This design eliminates most fire flare-ups. The taste of meat is purer and feels less smoky.

For easy cleaning, you can easily remove the grill rack inserts and clean the fire pit. The grill rack can be inclined up to 25º. That ensures you to control the grilling temperature just by moving meat from the front of the grill to the back. You can slowly gill your stakes to perfection with beautiful and even colour on the inside. Your customers are going to love you for that, and revenue will increase.

There is also a fixed resting rack above the lifting rack, where you can rest your steaks or preheat bigger chunks of meat before grilling. The fire pit is made out of heavy duty refractory bricks that retain a lot of heat and this translates in a more even heat for easier and more consistent grilling. These bricks are also very durable and will last much longer than a comparable fire pit made out of steel.

Technical data:
Dimensions (w x d x h): 1300 x 900 x 1973 mm
Grill rack dimensions (w x d ): 930 x 680 mm
Top rack dimensions (w x d): 1022 x 374 mm
Grill rack hub: 338mm (Grill rack at 25º) – 390mm (Grill rack at 0º)
Grill rack inclinations: 0º; 6.25º; 12.5º; 18.75º; 25º
Weight: 450 kg
Fire pit material: Refractory bricks – Chamotte


Features and Attributes:

– Lift grill rack
– Tilt grill rack
– Removable V-groove grids
– Removable Drip pan
– Fixed rest rack on top
– Fire pit made of refractory bricks
– Robust design
– Left/right lifting wheel arrangement
– Casters
– Drop-in version
– Customizable

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