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Zieher ‘Cadiz’ Double-walled Wine Cooler

Zieher ‘Cadiz’ Double-walled Wine Cooler

Mosaic Mother of Pearl Finish ivory-coloured, double-walled, round, rim approx. 2 cm wide, resin-coated, not dishwasher-safe.

Diameter: 46cm

Height: 23cm

Also available in:


Diameter: 36cm

Height: 17.5cm

Ivory-coloured clamshells with a nacreous gloss grant these products their special appeal. In combination with crushed ice and the Zieher rechargeable LED-lights, the double-walled bowls produced in mosaic-look create fascinating effects, thus beco- ming the eye-catcher at the buffet. The double-walled construction provides insula- ting characteristics. This prevents the formation of condensate on the out-side of the bowls to the greatest possible extent.

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