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Konkret by Zieher

The displays consist of a mixture of fibreglass and stone and therefore offer the deceptively genuine optics of concrete combined with low weight and high stability which greatly facilitates handling. The puristic flair of that system will be intensified by using glass platters.

“Konkret!“ – Distinct design for highest flexibility!

Plain lines, neutral shapes and two different colour variations put your food presentation into focus and offer a maximum of flexibility while at the same time using the available space at your buffet most effectively. Maximum reduced shapes in combina- tion with the rough look of concrete – “Konkret!” blends in particularly well with modern architecture. “Less is more” is the motto!

The well-known light grey version has been supplemented by a dark grey version. Both variants of the displays are available in eight sizes.

A real eye-catcher is the double-walled XXL bowl in dark grey colour. The impressive diameter of 100 cm creates space for various drinks or chilled dishes

8200.12D – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm, h:12cm, dark grey

8200.12L – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm,h:12cm, light grey

8200.24D – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm, h:24cm, dark grey

8200.24L – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm,h:24cm, light grey

8200.36D – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm, h:36cm, dark grey

8200.36L – buffet display KONKRET! 24x24cm,h:36cm, light grey

8212.D – round bowl XXL dia.100cm, h:28cm, dark grey

8213 – stand 70x70x57cm, galvanized steel, black

Plates, glassware & glass platters sold separately

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