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Zieher ‘Lacuna’ Miniature Amuse Bouche Cone

Zieher ‘Lacuna’ Miniature Amuse Bouche Cone

Handmade, perforated borosilicate glass

Diameter: 6cm

Height: 12cm

Volume: 80ml

Note: To stand up the cone, you can use the silicone holder for test tubes. Code: 4680.S

Perforated walls, irregularly spread openings in filigree borosilicate glass – the small bowls of the series “Lacuna” stand out. Numerous holes in dif- ferent sizes form the basis for sophisticated presentations of high-grade

dishes. They set limits on the one hand, however offer various possibi- lities for creative arrangements and an extraordinary food presentation on the other.

The glass cone can be employed in three different ways. Rested horizon- tally and stabilized by a fork or a spoon, standing upright in various min- iatures or put in elegant supports made of silicone or as an extraordinary cloche for the presentation of delicate tidbits.

Suitable accessories like anti-slip coasters made of food safe silicone or borosilicate glass straws enormously extend the scope of application of that series. Even working with small skewers for finger food may be en- visaged.

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