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InductCook 120 Built-In by Gastros


The InductCook® cooking modules for flush installation can be inserted into customised cut-outs in counter surfaces and tables of all kinds. They feature a robust, easy-to-clean and visually attractive glass ceramic surface.


  • Automatic pan type recognition
  • Integrated cookware protection system
  • Information LED top display
  • Temperature-range 60 – 240° C
  • 10 power levelsYOUR ADVANTAGES
  • High effectiveness of around 95 % – high efficiency and minimal power loss!
  • Maximum comfort and safety thanks to different protection and control functions
  • No heat up time
  • Continuous temperature control by trick with integrated power plug
  • Even, easy-to-clean surfaces for best possible hygiene
  • Little to no heat radiation – for a more pleasant room climat

    Dimensions: 300x450x80 mm

    Power supply: 2 kW

    Input voltage: ~230 V Weight: 5 kg


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