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InductWarm 130+ Under counter Induction Unit


Fully integrated into buffet systems, the InductWarm® Built-in brings keeping your dishes warm to aesthetic
perfection. In the interplay with our InductWarm® porcelain, your dishes come through the individual surface –
made of stone, glass or wood – into its own.
Using the internal control panel, you can conveniently select one of four different temperature levels for each of
the InductWarm® elements, guaranteeing the right temperature for any of your dishes. LEDs will indicate the
current operating status at any given time.
The excellent energy efficiency enables you to link up to two built-in solutions GN 1/1 and to operate them from a
single 230V power outlet.


  • Perfectly flush and level installation in countertops, tables, etc., made from wood, glass or stone.
  • Modular system: custom build with arranging several devices and a custom made full-length surface possible.
  • Open at the side for ventilation of the elements (intake air max. 40° C) and the connection and the cable gland for flexible connection cables.
  • With one or two integrated InductWarm® elements depending on the variant.
  • Each InductWarm® element offers four different temperature levels (with LEDs showing the current state).
  • Automatic power off when warming plate not in use and dishes are removed (after 5 minutes).
  • With memory and restart feature that returns to the previously selected temperature setting, when the dish is put back within 5 minutes.
  • Suitable for heating food in porcelain dishware with special undercoating with an integrated inductive contact surface and other induction-compatible pots.
  • Optional InductWarm® remote control and control unit.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Gastros-130+_undercounter_induction”] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Gastros-Manual_IW130+_2018-07″] [pdf-embedder url=””] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Gastros-Connect_and_control_IW130+”]

Inductive warming device with an integrated control unit for flush built-in and under-counter in surfaces of artificial stone, glass or even wood. Keeps food warm on four power levels. Can be controlled via either the integrated panel, the external control panel (optional) or an infrared remote control (optional).

The device has a 30cm, squared induction coil (GN2/3). The Dynamic Power Control (DPC) detects the pot and automatically adjusts its power accordingly. Up to 16 devices can be connected together via the InductWarm®-BUS (all devices on the same power level). With the integrated USB-Port, software or parameter updates can be up-downloaded. This feature allows a remote service/maintenance. In addition, the InductWarm® 130+ has temperature protection to prevent damages and the surface material and/or the dish.

The device is compatible with all inductive vessels/pots. The power level is displayed with 4 LEDs. The memory effect will turn back to the previously selected power level when removing the vessel within 10 minutes.
The cover material of min. 20mm is not included. Gastros will support you by selecting the approved material.

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