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Zieher ‘Culpis’ Glass Cloche and Plate

Zieher ‘Culpis’ Glass Cloche and Plate

The cloches and porcelain coasters of the series “Cuspis” are inspired by the nuts of the oak tree. The ball-shaped handle at the tip of the cloches allows for an uncompli- cated handling of these classy covers. The unglazed outside of the porcelain coasters with its distinctive texture is reminiscent of acorn

caps. The coaster can be used on both sides. When used as a plateau plate, the dishes move closer to the guest, while the filigree glass cloche protects the presented delicacies and puts them in the limelight. Used as a bowl, it offers space for gravies, sauces and more.


ZI-4940.08: D-8.5cm / H-12.5cm

ZI-4940.11: D-10.5cm / H-14.5cm

ZI-4940.25PB: D-25cm / H-32.5cm


ZI-4389.08: D-9cm

ZI-4389.11: D-11.5cm

ZI-4389.25PB: D-25cm

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