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Venta Design Stage 80 – Nesting Table Set

Venta Design Stage 80 – Nesting Table Set

Fully portable, height adjustable and collapsible buffet furniture system

The high-quality buffet furniture includes exclusive cocktail tables and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools. Most VENTA furnishings can be folded up or stacked together to save space, and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few easy steps, without the need for any tools.

All of our buffet furniture is mobile and can be used anywhere. It meets the high demands of the hotel, events and catering industry in every respect.

Our VENTA products have an exclusive design and are available worldwide.

Most of our VENTA products are manufactured in Germany, and we are pleased to appear with the “Made in Germany” seal at trade fairs both in Germany and abroad.

Code: 80001100300

L: 1960 x 800 x 920 mm
M: 1800 x 800 x 840 mm
2 x XS: 800 x 800 x 760 mm total weight: 187 kg


steel, powder-coated anthracite profile 40 x 40 mm, with height compensation
weight: 25 kg, 23 kg, 2 x 18 kg

height adjustable-system

L: 920, 1000, 1080, 1160 mm

M: 840, 920, 1000, 1080 mm

XS: 760, 840, 920, 1000 mm

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