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Venta Elements Portable Carbon / Plasma Exhaust System

Venta Elements Portable Carbon Plasma Exhaust is designed to work with cooking / steaming components of the Venta Elements live cooking system. The system has an illumination light with four fans speed settings. The highest has an extraction rate of 820 cubic metres / hour.


Item-No.: 66038

measures: [LxWxH]: 300 x 800 x 1270 mm total weight: 60 kg


steel, powder-coated, profile 40 x 40 mm 4 x castor, available diameter
50mm ( 66038)
65mm ( 66039)

75mm ( 66040) (all castors with brake)

Top plate

dimensions: 290 x 790 x 10 mm material/table-top: safety glass or compact panel, 10 mm
total weight: glass 12 or compact panel 7,5 kg

Top Shield

dimensions: 450 x 635 mm material/table-top: safety glass, 6 mm total weight: 4,5 kg

Side Shield

dimensions: 200 x 250 x 70 mm material/table-top: acrylic glass, 6 mm total weight: 0,5 kg


Stainless steel 1.4301 whole construction Stainless steel 1.4416 on guest side and side left / right (for covering with venta magnetic blinds)

Classification: DIN EN 1008-3 approved for the food industry

Technical data:


Filter: 2x professional combi filter type A (grease eddy current / mesh), plasma filter, carbon filter Odor removal: cooking + kitchen smells, nicotine, aerosols
Filter properties: bacteria, virus, germs, spurs
Condensate tray: (2x) 250x35mm inox 1.4301

Connected value: 1/N/PE AC 230V 50Hz, 130W
Operational loudness: max 54dBA
Power Level: 1/470m3h, 2/570m3h; 3/670m3h, 4/820m3h, with trailing automatic 10/60 min. Cable: L= 1,5m, schuko type F on cold device socket type C19
LED light: 7,5W with 3800K neutral white
Warranty: 1 year


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