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Toyo Sasaki, Shofukuhai Sake Cup Set of 3pcs

Japanese Glass Sake set Cup, By Toyo-Sasaki Glass.

This is a popular cup for special events, the infamous Mount Fuji is designed into the base to view when finishing your sake or on the underside for display.

This handmade Sake Glass makes your drinking time more relaxing and delightful. Handmade by Toyo-Sasaki Glass, one of the top Sake glass manufacturers renowned for their excellent quality.

Mt. Fuji has been a sacred mountain since ancient times and has been the source of people’s faith. It boasts the highest height in Japan and is said to be auspicious with its beautiful appearance.
You can enjoy drinking sake as a vessel, or simply viewing it, making this a perfect gift.

Every glass has a design of Mt. Fuji and each one has a design of pine tree (Matsu), bamboo or plum (ume) on the glass.

This “Fine Clear” Sake cup is hand made by Traditional Craftmasters, TSG’s Handmade glassware production is delicately guided by Certified Traditional Craftmasters, A prestigious prefectural title for artisans who have attended the highest level of skill and knowledge on traditional Japanese regional heritage crafts.

Each hand crafted piece of glassware may slightly vary in shape, size, and colour which gives each product a uniquely distinctive artistic flavour. This glass utilises CC technology which provides a sheer rim.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3cm

Capacity: 100ml

Material: “Fine Clear” Glass

Colour: Clear with Mt Fuji design in Red, Blue & Green.

Origin: Japan

Availability: Indent

This item is dishwasher safe

Toyo-Sasaki Glass Design and make more than 100 different types of Sake glasses by hand and machine.

The Sakes glass are classic and elegant which have been designed by the well known industrial designer Sori Yanagi over 50 years ago.

Toyo-Sasaki Glass (TSG) were founded back in 2002 following the merger of two Japanese oldest and largest glassware manufacturers dating back to 1878, Toyo -Sasaki first commercialised and introduced toughened glassware brand “HS” line in Japan in 1967.

The glassware is renowned for its suburb transparency which is achieved with the use  of FINE CLEAR. “Fine Clear” is the brand name of high grade soda-lime glass material developed by Toyo-Sasaki Glass. In addition to its strength, Fine Clear achieves supreme clarity and brightness comparable to crystal glass which makes it an ideal material for glass tableware. All TSG’s machine made production has been completely shifted to Fine Clear to reflect TSG’s relentless pursuit of product excellence. Carefully selected raw materials and state of the art glass melting technology are applied to minimise iron content. Iron is known to have a negative effect to the colour hue of the glass.

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