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Tettau Saphir Diamante Oro

Elegant porcelain from the oldest porcelain factory in Bavaria.  Made in Germany.

With the Saphir Diamant Oro (real gold rim) collection, Königlich Tettau presents fine tableware with soft, flowing shapes. The diamond rating guarantees a cream-colored porcelain that combines the fineness and translucency of soft-paste porcelain and the impact resistance and glaze hardness of traditional hard-paste porcelain. The Saphir Diamant range is particularly thin and translucent – a quality level that can only be achieved with particularly careful craftsmanship.

The Oro range has a fine real gold rim for that touch of elegance. The range consists of:

Coffee pot 1.2lt

Tea pot 1.4lt

Sugar bowl w. cover 220ml

Creamer 200ml

Espresso cup & saucer 100ml

Coffee cup & saucer 220ml

Tea cup & saucer 310ml / 200ml / 170ml

Plate flat 180mm / 210mm / 280mm / 305mm

Cake platter 320mm

Platter rectangular 350mm / 230mm

Butter dish with cover 250 gr

Egg cup

Tea Warming plate

Soup Plate 230mm

Soup tureen 2.7lt
2,70 ltr. ı 90.0 oz.

Gravy boat / saucer 550ml

Platter oval 355mm / 330mm

Relish oval 240mm

Bowl round 260mm / 240mm / 210mm

Bowl round 140mm

Salt and pepper shakers




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