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Stayhot Focus Strip Heater Model 60

Stayhot wanted to create the market’s most powerful, versatile and eye-catching Strip Heaters. After more than two years of continuous product development, we can now proudly welcome Stayhot Focus Strip Heaters to the outside world.

Our space efficient strip heaters are made in our Swedish warehouse using stainless steel and powerful infrared quartz heating elements. Easy to install with our adjustable mounting plates. This particular model is 600 mm long.

Key Features:

Modern Nordic design and Swedish production

Seamless adjustable heat with dimmable lightnin

Market-leading IP classification / IP44

Over the years, our Stayhot strip heaters have been utilised as a trusted and reliable food warmer in restaurant kitchens all around Sweden and Europe.

Our strip heaters are space efficient and keep the food appetisingly hot. Choose from eight different models with or without separate lighting.

Available in Black or Nickel


Dimensions: 600 x 200 x 70 mm

Material: Aluminium / Stainless steel

Heat Source: Ceramic heating Element

Light source: Halogen

Colour Temperature: 2700k ( Kelvin)

Voltage: 230 V

Power: 500 + 50 W

IP Rating: IP44


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