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The Dining Collection: For Pordamsa, the design is paired with comfort and practicality. All the items are aesthetically appealing yet easy to hand and store to make your everyday work life easier. This is tableware for any occasion. Exclusive and quality tableware for restaurants and hotels with gastronomic sensitivity to redesign their culinary presentations.  100% natural raw materials are chosen, The best Kaolin, Quartz and Feldspar, are the main primary materials from which porcelain is made. It gives pure white colour. The products are hand made, the in-house manual manufacturing gives Pordamsa the possibility to ensure maximum care down to the smallest detail. All the porcelain products are also hand polished, Once the porcelain is dried, the porcelain is carefully polished by hand to get the best result after firing.

The Silky Matte Touch: We are very conscious of going beyond creating a container to serve food, we want the dish to convey an emotion. And the sense of touch could not be missing. PORDAMSA has developed a special matting system that provides an extremely soft touch, while protecting the piece for food use. With a non-porous finish, it has the same protection as glossy enamel pieces, but with a silky finish. Never has a plate been so smooth.

Diameter: 12cm

Quantity: Pack of 3

Material: Porcelain

Colour: Matte Black

Origin: Pordamsa, Spain.

Availability: Stocked Line stands sold separately.

Environmental Benefits: All PORDAMSA products are of 100% natural origin. They do not contain synthetic components or create any impact on the environment. PORDAMSA designs accompany the creations of the most renowned international chefs and offer solutions to the most demanding hotel design projects, both aesthetically and functionally.

This item is dishwasher safe.

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The Brand Story: Founded in 1975 in Spain, PORDAMSA is a family business that combines inspiration, creativity and technique within a passionate team of work that evokes every day its efforts to enrich the experience at the table. It starts with the manufacture of porcelain items, detailing each fruit of detail of nature, an idea, an emotion… to achieve the most extraordinary, unique and timeless pieces adapted to the needs of each gastronomic proposal.

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