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Eco Burner Products 2022

eco serve

A WATERLESS buffet presentation system that offers hotels and banqueting venues many benefits. By using hotplate technology instead of water pans, EcoServe completely eliminates the need for water so staff don’t waste energy filling, heating or transporting water to and from the buffet. This speeds up set-up and breakdown saving countless staff hours while improving the safety of staff and guests as there’s no more steam or boiling water to avoid.

Available in Gastronorm and round versions & come with a huge range of accessories. Eco Cool are cool pack that converts your Eco Serve from hot food holding to cold food holding

eco pan

Simply replace the water pans in your existing chafing dishes to convert to an EcoBurner system!

Instead of using water to transfer heat to food dishes, the EcoPan uses hotplate technology to ensure consistent heat is delivered without the need for water. The benefits of removing the need for water are immense.

  • Staff no longer need to handle hot water making it a safer working environment.
  • No steam or condensation results in better quality buffet food
  • Energy is saved as no need to heat water
  • Time is saved from filling and transporting water to or from the buffet area
  • EcoPan heats up in less than 10 minutes making it a quicker set-up.

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eco burner

We introduced Eco Burner to Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands in early 2017. Eco Burner is a Marine Grade Stainless Steel, refillable heating device for chafing dishes on buffets. It is refilled using a clean burning, sustainable butane/propane fuel out of a fully recyclable can. Eco Burner is replacing toxic chemical burners called gels and wick that, once used….AND NEVER FULLY USED….is thrown into landfill!

Since introducing Eco Burner into the competitive Australian buffet fuel market, we have grown rapidly from Zero, thanks to our environmental and safety conscious customers. Although still commanding less than an estimated 5% of the Australian market, we have already made astonishing environmental advancements since launching in 2017:




*Based on independent study by Carbon Footprint – See report

** Eco Burner is a refillable stainless steel recepticle. Fuel Cans are fully recyclable. Chemical burners contain left over hazardous waste and at minimum residual hazardous waste which needs to go into landfill. Based on average 2 hour fuel can weighing 50 grams empty and includes average 30% wastage


  • Safer – Eco Burner turns off when tipped over or when chafing dishes run out of water and is cool to touch
  • Non-Toxic – Chemical Burners create toxic fumes and is dangerous when breathed. Face masks and gloves should be worn
  • Cheaper – Because you use 100% of the fuel, there is no wastage PLUS you generally only need one per chafer
  • Versatile – Eco Burner won’t go out in the wind.

Check the MSDS on your current fuel. Is it safe to be used around food & beverage?

aluchef – the perfect accessory to eco serve

AluChef is latest accessory used for serving not only on Eco Serve, but also induction and other heating technologies.
Enhance your buffet and kitchen with the versatile and functional, AluChef aluminium cookware. With the look of traditional cast iron casserole pots, AluChef is only a fraction of the weight as it is made from cast aluminium. This eliminates OH&S & operational issues, generally associated with using cast iron and other heavy cookware.
AluChef averages around 1/3 of the weight of traditional cast iron.

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