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Fuegos JL Argentinian Open Fire Grills

We don’t sell happiness but our grills come pretty close

Why Fuegos JL



Fuegos JL grills and roasters are hand-made in Buenos Aires by artisan steel workers with a love for barbecue



Fuegos JL grills are built 'rock-solid' with heavy-duty iron, steel and quality timber



From the small stand up barbecue with asado rack to the pizza ovens and right up to the enormous 'Rodeo' cooking station on wheels


Odin Pro

ODIN PRO is Fuegos JL largest grill. With a diameter of 133 cm and a height of 213 cm, weighs 204 kg. Includes table and wheels that helps if you want to move it. Made in noble materials: Iron and Wood. Made in Argentina. Ring & wheels have a rusted finish. Accessories included: • Grill • Clamp Rack Grill • Grilling Cage • Oval Cage • Griddle • Brazier • Spiedo • Odin Cover • Wooden Surface – Eucalyptus Saligna

Petit Ram

FUEGOS JL PETIT RAM 100 Petit Ram is one of the best of our open fire grills. With a diameter of 100 cm and a height of 57 cm, its weight starts at 61 kg. Ideal for confined spaces. Made of iron. Made in Argentina. Ring & wheels have a rusted finish. Accessories included: • Grill • Griddle • Clamp Rack Grill • Brazier

FUEGOS JL Ivar Pro 2.0 portable grill

Ivar Pro 2.0

FUEGOS JL IVAR PRO 2.0 This portable grill is ideal for small spaces and for transportation. With a diameter of 58 cm and a height of up to 110 cm, it weighs around 36 kg. The grill is made of heavy duty iron and includes two detachable wooden surfaces for your grilling convenience. It can be disassembled and stored in a 24 x 24 inch box. Accessories included: Ivar 2.0 Clamp Rack Grill Ivar 2.0 Griddle Ivar Cast Iron + Bracket Ivar Cover Side Wooden Surfaces – Eucalyptus Saligna (x2)

Let's Catch Up

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