Fuegos JL Argentinian Open Fire Barbecues

Fuegos JL

Fuegos JL Argentinian Open Fire Grills We don’t sell happiness but our grills come pretty close More Info Why Fuegos JL 01   Hand-made Fuegos JL grills and roasters are hand-made in Buenos Aires by artisan steel workers with a love for barbecue 02 Quality Fuegos JL grills are built ‘rock-solid’ with heavy-duty iron, steel […]


MULTIWASHER – The Ultimate Washing Solution for Large Scale Catering Facilities ACHIEVE THESE RESULTS IN 5 MINUTES WITH NO SOAKING….PLUS REDUCE POWER CONSUMPTION BY 90%* REDUCE WATER & DETERGENT CONSUMPTION BY 70% HUGE SAVINGS ON LABOUR SPACE SAVING WASH ANYTHING REVOLUTIONARY MULTIWASHER MultiWasher is a high performance industrial washing appliance engineered by Somengil. Developed for […]

AluChef GN Pan Divider – So Simple But So Effective

AluChef GN Pan Divider – So Simple But So Effective AluChef GN1/1 Pan Divider is a ‘first-of-its-kind’. The pan divider is a removable, water-tight divider designed to work with AluChef Gastronorm GN1/1 giving you the ultimate flexibility. AluChef Pan Divider allows you to scale down buffets or serve multiple products in the same AluChef GN1/1 […]


AluChef Adds Gastronorm 1/1 To The Light-Weight Cast Aluminium Range AluChef has added Gastronorm 1/1 Pans to it’s range. AluChef GN1 comes in Blue, Red, Green, Grey & Matte Black & is induction compatible. AluChef is finished in the highest quality, food-grade, non-stick surface and durable silicon-enamel outer coating. Aluchef’s Gn1/1’s unique ensures pans won’t […]

Eco Serve, Elevating Buffets Worldwide

WHY IS ECO SERVE ELEVATING BUFFETS WORLDWIDE? ALL WHILE……dramatically reducing carbon emissions, landfill & costs in the safest possible way! Eco serve is gaining traction in replacing tradional style chafing dishes used in buffets. Why? Firstly, Eco Serve is powered by Eco Burner which is the extremely efficient heating source.  Eco Burner is the safe, […]

Kopa Custom Charcoal Cooking Centres – the finest, most durable & expansive range on the market.

One of the finest, most durable & expansive charcoal grilling & smoking range on the market. Kopa offers beautiful and functional custom cooking stations, islands & fireplaces with interchangeable components. Purpose built to suit your culinary needs, layout and kitchen styling. Browse Products Elegantly functional, beautifully designed custom finishes…. Focusing on simplicity of design, its […]

Winefit Partner with SilverChef Saving you Wine and Money

Partner with Saving you Wine and Money Rent, Try or Buy From as little as $7 a Day With the capability of preserving both still and sparkling wines, Wine fit products extend the life of opened bottles, cutting down on wastage and saving you money. Get your venue fit out with a winefit preserver from […]

Introducing the Latest in Innovation for 2023

Introducing the Latest in Innovation for 2023 See TD Innovations product range in less than 3 minutes with our 2023 company profile video YOUR DISHES IN MINUTES, EVEN SECONDS Mychef QUICK always achieves standardised and high quality results in every firing. Browse Products Fully customisable Touch Screen menu Stores up to 1024 recipes 3D impingement […]

Discover the new high speed oven

YOUR DISHES IN MINUTES, EVEN SECONDS An award-winning product range Pre-Order Now 3D Impingement Technology Mychef Quick uses impingement (cyclonic air) technology, from the top and sides, as well as convection heating, which makes the Quick T1 more efficient than most current products on the market. All this combined with the internal fan, distributes the […]