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The Ultimate Live Cooking Station

Livecookintable delivers the ultimate flexibility. The fully portable and collapsible system looks and feels like permanent, custom-built equipment designed specifically for the space.

Livecookintable is a contemporary, modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology complete with portable exhaust canopy: Suitable for: Live-Cooking, Front Cooking, Grill, Pop-up, Asian Food, Dim sum Station, Barbeque, Beverage Bar, Tapas Bar, Coffee Bar, Lounges, Food Tastings, Wine Tastings, Shushi Station, Buffet, Restaurant, All-Day Dining, Banquet, Conference, Outdoor, Terrace, Patio, Garden pool, Event, Catering, bar, Deli, Grocery, Market, Shop, Chef´s Table, Chef Academy, Open kitchen, Cooking School. This product is a great temporary kitchen solution.

All new, award winning Multi-Pot by Livecookintable

Versatility just went to the next level. The design team at Livecookintable have created ‘Multi-pot’. To be used on the induction component or the Hot PLUS cold component of Livecookintable or any other gas or induction hobs, Multipot can be used as a fryer, steamer, pasta cooker or even sous-vide. Multi-pot comes complete with fry or pasta baskets, inserts and block off panels. See the explainer video to find out more

Livecookintable Components

Learn more about Livecookintable and the interchangeable components that create a myriad of configurations, click on the link below to view or download the catalogue or lookbook.