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Temptainer – Hot, Cold & Combination Food Transport Trolleys

Temptainer is the new generation of high quality stainless steel boxes from Hallins. The aim is the same as before – to create the absolute best conditions to preserve the essence of good food, all the way from kitchen to table. The right temperature with low energy consumption and the right design for perfect hygiene and healthy working environment are of utmost importance.

A flexible and easy way to transport food

It is easy to be fond of Temptainers food transport trolleys. When you choose a food trolley from Temptainer , you get many advantages

  • Constant temperature retention
  • Hygienic cabinet, easy-to-clean
  • Stainless steel (robust and durable)
  • Climate Smart (long service life and low energy consumption)
  • Hot, cold or neutral (combine in one cart)
  • Easy to transport (easy-rolling castors)

Custom Wrap Your Temptainer

Why not wrap your temptainer? We can custom foil your trolley with your company’s logo / imagery, a cartoon theme for children’s hospital or just pimp it up!

Temptainers food transport trolleys are available in three different models:

Single deisgn trolley with one space. The food transport trolley is available in different sizes and in different versions such as neutral, convection heating, compressor cooling and Peltier cooling.

Trolley with two stacked compartments. The trolley provides the possibility of transporting both hot and cold food. Available in different variants and sizes.

Trolley with double compartments, side by side. Comes in serveral combinations with neutral, heating and cooling storage. Available in different variants and sizes.

For more information on the huge range, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 822 533 (+61 7 3397 0595 outside Australia) or email . More contact details here