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Sanodegusto Tableware with Intergrated Hot & Cold Holding Technology

Sanodegusto is a striking range of tableware, plates and platters with integrated Tempcontrol technology. Simply put, you store your plates in either in a warmer or freezer and then once taken out, Tempcontrol technology slowly releases the hot or cold. What’s even more amazing is the hot version drops to 55ºC quickly and then maintains that temperature for over 30 minutes

What is Tempcontrol® technology?

Tempcontrol® is a revolutionary, integrated heating and cooling technology for tableware. The technology consists of a heat- or cold-stimulating material. It keeps tableware either warm or cold longer than any existing tableware.

Your food will always be served at the right temperature with all flavours preserved. Sanodegusto tableware gives you more time to plate and serve your dish. Also, there is no need to rush while eating, as Tempcontrol® guarantees the perfect temperature of the plate until the end of the dinner.

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Best Uses

  • Room Service – No need for hot boxes or refrigerated trolleys

  • Canapés – serve food at the right temperature for longer

  • Aged Care and Health Care – Serve food at the right temperature with out the need for expensive heated or refrigerated meal delivery trolleys

For more information on Sanodegusto or to discover the range of colours and textures, download the catalogue below: