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The sparkling wine preserver in both Duracombi & Duraperl reduces wastage in sparkling wine and champagne to virtually zero. Return on investment is quick and in addition, your guests will get the highest quality product every time, ensuring they will order again and again.

By preserving wine with Innovative solutions, DURAVIN® will allow you to expand your wine range by the glass. using vacuums with precision accuracy you can be sure that the maximum retention period is reached without any damage to the structure of the wine.

Expert Endorsements

“We at Restaurant Dan Arnold strive to offer our guests world class cuisine, accompanied by impeccable service with exceptional wine & champagne. Duravin+ has allowed us to pour premium champagne by the glass.

First and foremost, every glass that is poured from the first to the last, our guests experience champagne with full perlage & in perfect condition. In addition to serving the highest quality every time which is what we aim to achieve for every guest, another benefit is that there is almost no wastage which is an outstanding benefit

Once a bottle of wine is opened it begins oxidation, inevitably limiting quality by the glass. Opening a sparkling wine leads to an even faster degenerative process with bubbles quickly losing intensity.

With DURAVIN you can preserve the organoleptic quality of your wines for 3 to 5 weeks, enabling you to pour even the most valuable wines.

With the capability of preserving both still and sparkling wines, Duracombi is a simple and economical 2 in 1 solution for developing & expanding your wine list.

For sparkling wine that keeps on bubbling The DURAPERL creates an airtight seal and keeps CO2 under pressure..

Instant cooling of any type of glass the Durafrost reduces bacteria inside the glass up to 90% and neutralises bad smells present. Perfect For professional use!

Designed specifically for your bar fit-out & Commercial Kitchen

Keep your still and sparkling wines fresh and preserve food with the ALL-IN 1. The new innovative built in machine is perfectly matched to your venue for a unique touch

Key Features

-Still & Sparkling Wine preservation
-Remove oxygen with  vacuum control
-Extreme precision & Precisely Calibrated
-preserves the wine effectively
-Reduce risk to organoleptic structure
-Inject precisely calibrated C02 pressure
-Food preservation vacuum packing technology
-Slow down oxidation and prevent bacteria.

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