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Sommelier Le Thiers ‘Mammouth’ with Prehistoric Mammoth Tusk Handle

Sommelier Le Thiers ‘Mammouth’ with Prehistoric Mammoth Tusk Handle

What could arguably be one of the most collectable culinary object, these beautiful sommelier corkscrews are adorned with spectacularly beautiful authentic mammoth tusk handles.

AN ORIGIN THAT GOES BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME – Mammoths appeared on Earth 100,000 years ago and were hunted by prehistoric humans for their meat, fur and tusks that they used to make weapons, tools and statues. Disappeared 10,000 years ago, their defenses are currently in permafrost (eternal freeze) in Siberia and Alaska. These frozen lands melt with global warming. Remained trapped in the earth for thousands of years, these tusks have kept their incomparable texture and warm cream color. During their long stay underground, they absorbed minerals that may have colored them. Sometimes the defenses are found in a terrain containing metal oxides. In this case, by millennial infiltrations in the heart of the tusk, the copper oxides give it a blue-green color, while the iron oxides give brown to reddish tones.

The discovered mammoth tusks are rightfully used in the ‘arts’ to preserved their beauty for generations to come.

Also available are these damask and mammoth tusk pocket knives / steak knives.

Clos Laguiole corkscrew mammoth Tusk handle
Sommelier Clos Laguiole manche mammouth


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