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Sommelier Corkscrew Capucin ‘Gerard Depardieu’

Sommelier Corkscrew ‘Gerard Depardieu’

In cooperation with the manufacturer Claude Dozorme from Thiers, the well-known French actor and avid wine connoisseur has developed an innovative and high-quality sommelier knife. The knife Capucin was selected as the basic model, the handle end reminds one of the shape of the headgear of the Capuchin monks. Gerard Depardieu thought it was important that the knife was equipped with a blade that is a decent size and an adjustable blade pivot screw. The corkscrew is designed very sturdy and also has to have the necessary length so that it can be dispensed with a fold-out lever for uncorking the bottle. Gerard Depardieu chose the grip material to be beautiful grained olive wood, which is very comfortable to hold. The 10.2 cm high quality steel blade (X50CRMOV15) has a 9.5 cm long cutting edge. It has a satin finish and can be reliably locked by a liner-lock. The blade has a laser-engraved original signature of Gérard Depardieu and his handwritten message “Bon Appetit et santé!” Included in the package are a key to set the blade passage and a knife chain including a carabiner. The sommelier Capucin Gérard Depardieu comes in a beautiful wooden box.

Sommelier Gerard Depardieu’s corkscrew olive wood handle
Sommelier G. Depardieu manche olivier avec chainette – CD-


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