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Cubo Wine Dispenser with Argon Preservation

Cubo by Winefit is a wine dispenser using Argon to preserve the wine. All of the technology is in the special, patented caps. Wine is dispensed through these caps which means it doesn’t run through the main cabinet.

It has two pre-programed measures plus a free-pour option.


The handy display allow you to choose between different quantities: tasting quantity, full glass quantity and free delivery quantity.

Special cap:
All the secrets are controlled within the revolutionary cap and only one device you can open an unlimited number of bottles between 0.375lt and 1,5lt.
Thanks to this exclusive technology Winefit creates a revolution in the service of quality wine by the glass granting the best result with
the minimal amount of space. Winefit continues to work everyday to have a better product and to make it more competitive.

Thanks to the new HP Technology you will have always the maximum accuracy on the delivered dose.

360° customization:
The basic version is available in different customizations, then it’s also possible to put your brand on the machine for particular commercial actions.

Built-in unit:
The Cubo can be freestanding or built in depending on the venue requirements.



Dimensions: L 432 mm P 443 mm H 505 mm

Weight: 21 Kg
Max bottle diameter: 108 mm
Max bottlenek diameter: 28 mm, 33 mm
Max bottle height: 350 mm
Autonomiy: ca. 50 bott. da 0,75 lt. for one cylinder
Argon gas cylynder: argon Ø 70 mm, 0,95 L
Power supply: 110V / 230V – 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 40W

Value Add:

By adding a CUBOCOOL quality wine dispenser fridge you gain the benefit of ensuring your wine is stored at an accurate temperature but you can also store additional wine choices for your customers requirements.

Winefit is the ideal solution for professional users to offer a service by the glass aligned to the new wine trends. It’s also perfect for all wine lovers that want to have an adequate instrument in their homes that combines a good-looking aspect and professionality, then it allows them to open “Cru” bottles with the important consciousness to preserve all the wines in the best conditions.

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