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Aluchef Accessory, Gastronorm Pan DIVIDER, Removable, 285 x 50mm, Black

INTRODUCING THE NEW ALUCHEF GN1/1 Pan Divider. This simple but innovative divider will revolutionise the way we use the Aluchef GN1 pan.

Convert your standard Aluchef GN1 into a 1/2 size pan by simply inserting the divider into the pan. 100% leak proof. Create barriers to maintain food integrity and improve presentation and reduce portion size.

Using multiple dividers is a great way to maximise the potential of the Aluchef GN1 pan. Using 2 dividers converts the GN1 into 3 x 3/1Gn. Being this flexible only adds to the benefits of the  AluChef GN1 range.

The flexibility of being able to serve Curry, Rice and Pappadams in the one dish not only looks good but is practical. Ideal when catering for a small conference or boardroom meeting.

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