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New Innovations By Venta Modular Buffet Systems

This year at the Host Exhibition, Venta released a number of new innovations to add to their already impressive range. But before we tell you all about them…a quick fact.

One of the unique features of Venta the tables are adjustable in height. This allows you to create a beautiful buffet set-up with height and depth, add your heating and cooling components and then save a huge amount of space by turning them into nesting tables. One set of nesting tables equals 5.36m of table space!



STAGE_80_XS_ICE_WELL The ICE WELL with a depth of 20 cm is designed for cooling bottles. The entire well is filled with ice cubes. The well is equipped with a drainage tap and thus offers the possibility to drain the entire contents (melted ice = water) after use. A bucket can be placed under the table when the shut- off valve gets opened. In addition, a 1/1 GN grid basket can be used in the ice well. In this way the not yet melted ice can be easily removed. The ice well is available in two sizes (80 x 80 cm and 50 x 80 cm) for a buffet depth of 80 cm. The tub can be closed with the supplied insert plates (two pieces each) so that the table top can be used as a shelf. (Dimensions: LxWxH 80x80x92cm) Item No.: 80092

VENTA offers matching LED panels for lighting the FRONT and SIDEBLINDS with translucent fabric. Two sizes are available: a square version measuring 62.5 x 62.5 cm for 80 cm buffet depth and a rectangular version measuring 60 x 30 cm for 50 cm buffet depth. The panels can produce both white and colored light and are controlled by a remote cont- rol. The panels are all individually powered by a 230V power cable. With the remote control the panels can be program- med in such a way that all (up to 100 pieces) shine in the same color. The LED panels can be easily placed directly under the table on the floor, or as a more elegant solution on the SHELF_LOW. This has the advantage that the LED panels cannot be seen from a distance and the table can also be rolled with the LED panels.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 62,5 x 62,5 x 5,4 cm)
Item No.: 66033

The RACK with the dimensions 80 x 80 cm is a perfect addition to the existing STAGE system. All plates, bowls, glasses and cut- lery required at the buffet can be perfectly accommodated here. The RACK has fixed shelves which are separated from each other by a central wall. On one side there
is only one shelf in the middle, while on the other side are two fixed shelves. Depending on the required height of use, the customer selects the suitable side. The open sides can be closed by VENTA Standard SIDEBLINDS so that the contents disappear behind them. The shelf walls are equipped with magnets so that the SIDEBLINDS can be attached to them. The shelving system
is available for a buffet depth of 80 cm in widths of 50 and 80 cm.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 80x80x92cm)
Item No.: 80088

The VENTA BACKBAR was developed as a shelf for use behind the mobile bar, or as a supplement to the STAGE buffet tables. Based on the dimensions of the 50 cm deep buffet tables, it can be easily combined with all tables of the STAGE series. It is suitable for storing bottles, glasses and other utensils. The variable height adjustment (grid: 10 cm) of the shelves allows the shelf to be adjusted to all required sizes.
The BACKBAR is equipped with castors and can therefore be easily moved around in the room. All four castors can be locked so that the BACKBAR is stabi- lized in place. The BACKBAR is made of strong metal profile (40 x 40 mm) and powder coated. The shelves are made of compact plate (10 mm) and are additional- ly reinforced by a metal strut under the shelf for stabi- lization/support. The metal frames and compact plates are available in all VENTA colors/decors.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 160x50x181cm)
Item No.: 34001