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New Inductwarm Installation Gallery

A new installation gallery document is available for download, showcasing the latest installations throughout Europe. In previous posts, we have focussed on the invisible induction system called InductWarm 130+. In this post we explore the entire range:

InductWarm 130+- Invisible Undercounter Induction

InductWarm 200 – Built-in or countertop, multi-zone Induction warming system

InductCook 330 – Countertop high output induction cooking hob

Inductwarm Room Service – Battery powered induction room service trolley

Inductwarm Food Distribution – Battery Powered food service (hostess style) induction trolley

Download the ‘Impressions’ Installation Gallery Document


INDUCTWARM 130+ Invisible Undercounter Induction

Keep food warm with invisible technology from Gastros Switzerland. The InductWarm® 130+ module can be installed underneath countertops made from various materials. Therefore, it is the perfect comination of innovative technology and elegante surfaces – for a maximum of individuality and design flexibility.


The induction module, which is located under the counter´s surface, keeps food warm on four different power levels between 40°C and 95°C. Any inductive dishes can be used with this technology. The heat is generated directly on the inside of the dish with the help of induction currents. The countertop itself will not be heated up directly. When you remove the dishes from the surface, you will be left with an elegant looking, multifunctional counter – easy to clean and instantly ready to be used for other purposes (e.g. as conference table, candy or cake bar etc.).


The induction unit is operated by an external control panel or an infrared remote control. LED lights visualize the current operation status at any time. Thanks to the low power consumption, a single 230V / 16A power outlet provides enough energy to run up to three devices. And still each module can be operated individually. It is also possible to link up to 16 units with each other and control them by only one single controlling device.

The InductWarm® 130+ unit is equipped with the unique DPC (Dynamic Power Control) system. DPC detects the inductive parameters of the vessel and automatically controls the power stage. With this software-controlled feature, the InductWarm® porcelain can be warmed as well as a massive cast-iron pot.

INDUCTWARM 200 – Built-in or countertop, multi-zone Induction warming system

The induction unit “InductWarm® 200 Built-in” was especially constructed to be flush mounted in the counter’s surface. As it is also possible to integrate the built-in unit(s) subsequently into already existing furniture, it is an easy way to upgrade conventional counters to multi-functional state-of-the-art items. The final look is both elegant and advanced, due to the glossy black glass-ceramic top with integrated touch panel. Besides the attractive design the top of the induction unit is also absolutely robust and easy to clean.

Each InductWarm® 200 built-in unit comes with six induction coils to achieve a well-balanced heat distribution. The device offers one comprehensive warming zone of a max. size of GN 1/1 which can be split into three individually controllable zones, each of a max. size of GN 1/3. For each warming zone you can chose one of four power levels. Therefore, it is possible, to keep different dishes warm at the most suitable temperature with just one induction unit. The device is controlled by the integrated touch panel or with an infrared remote control.

Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the InductWarm® built-in unit, up to three devices can be run with a normal 230V/16A power outlet. Without long pre-heat period the induction device will keep food warm within the dish straightaway. If all dishes are removed from the unit’s surface, the device automatically goes into standby mode. It returns to the previously selected power level when dishes are put back within 20 seconds

Inductwarm Food Distribution – Battery Powered food service (hostess style) induction trolley

The speed, efficiency and above all the freshness are essential in the food distribution. For this Gastros has developed the first battery-powered food distribution cart which guarantees the best food quality at simple distribution of the dishes. Meals can therefore be taken from room to room of the residents, patients or customers or can be placed for food distribution at the community room (mobile buffet).


Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery, the invisibly integrated induction units keep the food warm up to three hours – from the kitchen to the target point on an area of three times GN 1/1. The front mounted control panel allows simple, intuitive temperature control of each warming field at four temperature levels. The food distribution trolley in the picture was manufactured according to special client needs by one of our coorperation partners. The choosen easy-care surface allows a clean and simple presentation of all kinds of induction-compatible dishes. The size and material of the trolley can be customised.

Inductwarm Room Service – Battery powered induction room service trolley

Gastros Switzerland revolutionises the market of mobile food distribution with this application example of battery-powered induction units – the first battery-powered inductive serving table worldwide. Reliable and easily dishes can be served warm directly to the hotel room of the guest without hotboxes. Especially its elegance helps creating an exclusive ambiance in high class hotels.


The integrated battery-powered InductWarm® devices keep the plates warm in best quality, for 30 – 60 minutes. It turns off automatically after this time. The table´s bi-fold leaves can be fold up to make it even easier to transport and to store the table. The wooden table as a custom-made product manufactured by one of our cooperation partners offers many possibilities for your individual design concept. You are free to customise the look of this special food warming solution according to your preferences and requirements. The InductWarm® Room Service Table is a custom-made example of application of our battery-powered induction units.

InductCook 330 – Countertop high output induction cooking hob

The InductCook® 330 Tabletop, made from brushed stainless steel, offers you the highest level of flexibility. This model allows you to cook dishes in any induction compatible dish up to a size of GN 2/3. Whether for front cooking or in kitchen use, the InductCook® 330 Tabletop can be placed anywhere within your cooking area. The InductCook® devices can be very quickly set up and are then ready for cooking meals straightaway. This immediately operation can be especially useful if your requirements should change at short notice.

The InductCook® 330 is a compact hob – with small dimensions but plenty of power and an elegant design. This small induction hob is especially designed for cooking with one pan and for aesthetic perfection. It delivers high power in only a few seconds and, as you would expect, distributes it in the optimum fashion, whether you‘re flash frying or cooking large quantities. For successful front cooking that impresses your customers, you need more than just culinary expertise. You have to have elegancy from every angle – and especially from the perspective of your guests – which makes your InductCook® the ideal choice when cooking for an audience.

Each pan can be controlled independently, and when it comes to the effective power consumption, you’re constantly kept in the loop thanks to a digital information display. No matter whether you want to lightly simmer or get a rolling boil going; whether you’re flash frying or simply keeping food warm at a reduced heat – just a single hand movement is enough to get exactly the result you want. In an unprecedented step, the induction technology also employs a pan type detection method. Our systems adjust themselves completely of their own accord to perfectly suit the type of pan being used. This maximises efficiency and makes the cooking process particularly energy-saving

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