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Mepra – Stile by Pininfarina / Luxury Customisation

Thanks to its unmistakable style, this design house has given life to some of the most stunning cars in automobile history and objects that entered in the dreams of generations of people. More than 85 years in creating beauty allow to give life to unique objects touching every aspect of the human experience.

Mepra solid experience and Pininfarina constant aesthetic research have created a flatware collection in the pursuit of timeless values: Beauty, Purity, Innovation. With its contemporary, essential look, STILE brings elegance without forgoing functionality.

The pureness of the lines and the clean, essential geometries shape a collection in which function and style reach the perfect balance. Not only stylistic research, but also attention to safety, ergonomics and functionality, make STILE an expression of the highest Italian quality and the proof of an innovative approach to design, focused on people’s wishes and needs… now awarded with a ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

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Mepra from Brescia, Italy produce a magnificent range of flatware, holloware and other high-end stainless steel products. Design, innovation and unsurpassed quality are all focuses of Mepra, who produce beautiful products for four and five star hotels, fine dining restaurants and the discerning home culinaire. MEPRA portray Italian tradition, culture, and style and are proponents of the “Made in Italy” concept in which through fashion, design, and food, is being shown worldwide what the meaning of Italian life style truly is. Mepra is known worldwide through designers and buyers as the manufacturer to go to for high-end customisation. Some of Mepra’s capabilities:

  • Custom finishes such as vintage, distressed, brushed, polished in a range of titanium embedded colours.
  • Custom styles in hollow-ware such as wine coolers, table accessories and trolleys
  • Intricate laser engraving – logos and designs

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