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Innovative -5ºC to +140ºC Hot and Cold Food Presentation in One Self-Contained Unit

Austrian manufacturer, Hoeller produce an innovative Hot PLUS Cold Drop-In, Self-Contained Food Presentation Plate or Well. The ability to be able to serve food products like seafood, desserts, cold cuts, hot canapés, hot dishes & soups on one plate or well provides a versatility like no other product. Hot Breakfast – Cold Lunch – Hot Dinner on the same surface ensures an optimum space saving device while reducing capital expenditure.

Because Hoeller Hot PLUS Cold plates are self-contained, they are simply a ‘drop-in & plug-in’ unit. Therefore there is no need for connecting compressors, 2nd tier certification etc.


We can provide a customised Hot PLUS Cold mobile solution for Hotel and Aged Care purposes. Sneeze guards, Serving Gantries, Heat Lamps, Undercounter Refrigeration & Storage are all possible with Hoeller’s affiliation with Table Direct. Get in touch for a no obligation 3D rendering & proposal.



A number of hot / cold / combinations options are available from the Hoeller range giving you the ability to use existing counters to serve cold & cold solutions in an array of scenarios.

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