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Holler New 2019 Catalogue – New Products

Holler launched it’s latest catalogue at The Host exhibition in Milan this month. This catalogue highlights it’s staple range of products, particularly it’s world’s best Hot PLUS Cold plate.

Holler also launched a range of new products such as:

  • Woodline – A series of countertop hot and cold plates and wells with beautifully wooden surrounds
  • Dekton Surface – In addition to Gorilla Glass, Hoeller plates can be finished with manufactured stone Dekton
  • Heat Lamps – A range of pendant and strip heater with the added options of sneeze guards

Quick Facts – Hoeller Hot Plus Cold Plate


Hoeller Hot PLUS Cold plates have a number of advantageous features that you might not know! Here are a couple.

  • Hot PLUS Cold plates are a complete, self-contained drop-in unit that plugs straight to power

  • The Hot operation reaches 140 degrees C which means flexibility and guarantee of safe temperatures

  • The Cold operation drops down to minus 5 degrees C which is perfect to create a frost top solution

  • Standard Sizes are: 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1. Custom sizes are also available

New Products

Woodline – A complete range of counter-top hot, cold or combination displays complete with a range of matching accessories for breakfast, juice, cold cut displays and much more

Dekton – Manufactured Stone Surface. Hoeller plates are now available in manufactured stone to match or contrast your countertop. Dekton is an extremely durable, scratch-resistant surface that gives you a beautiful aesthetic look.

Heat Lamps – In the catalogue, you will find an impressive range of pendant and strip heat lamps. The pendant lamps are available in fixed height and retractable. Customer colours available. The strip heaters are available on their own or as portable bench-top bridge and bench mounted. Now available with sneeze guards and in custom sizes and finishes



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