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Höller Hot PLUS Cold Buffet Solutions

Hot PLUS Cold Plate all in One

Höller manufacturers some of the world’s most innovative buffet products. The buffet plates and wells are both HOT and COLD in one device. This gives the flexibility to display either hot or cold food on the same unit. The temperatures range from -5◦C to 140◦C giving you huge flexibility on product serving. Example: -5◦C for presentation or seafood, sashimi, desserts such as ice-cream / 5◦C for salads, sandwiches, cheeses and meats / 70◦C for all hot foods / 140◦C to simmer or slow cook products such as casseroles, mulled wine, curries etc.

Great Range

Höller Buffet plates and wells are also available in Hot or Cold only and are available in self-contained, remote and the plate is available in self-contained countertop. The beauty of the self-contained drop-in units are the fact that they a one piece. Meaning there is not need for cumbersome installation and 2nd tier certification

Exact Temperature

Temperature control is precise with Höller hot and cold products allowing you to serve food at the optimum temperature, which is something that is hard to achieve with induction heating

New Developments – Coming Soon!

Höller are always innovating! Released around Easter is the Hot PLUS Cold LAMP. Utilising the same technology, the Hot PLUS Cold lamp will bring more versatility to buffets, plating areas, aged care facilities, Cafeterias and many more applications. The settings will consist of lamp only, Hot, cold, Hot/lamp & cold/lamp. The cold setting draws refrigeration up from the under-bench mounted compressor. Cold air ‘drops’ and is not blown which dries food out. This eliminates the need for blown air wells etc

Illustration only Hot PLUS Cold lamp at final testing stage

Gorilla Glass

Höller plate surface options are stainless steel, stone or Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is a patented glass that is chemically altered toughened glass, giving is amazing strength. See below video illustrating tests on Gorilla Glass and standard toughened glass (both 2mm thick)

Click on above link to explore more about Höller. DWG/CAD files are also available