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Gastronorm EcoServe Is On It’s Way

We are please to announce that Eco Serve has developed and launched the latest product in the range GN1/1. A gastronorm sized version of the already successful round Eco serve.

Why EcoServe GN1/1

GN1/1 has the same benefits as EcoServe round.

  • No need to dangerously carry hot water to the buffet or waste valuable time and fuel costs by waiting for water to heat up. This saves up to 5 litres per unit compared to a regular chafing dish

  • Food presentation is much better with the ability to use a variety of gastronorm dishes as well as other pots, such as the AluChef range. Food quality is also exceptional, as it stays in exactly the same condition in started as for hours.

  • Easier to to transfer food as the vessels sit safely on top of EcoServe. Changing pans in a regular chafing dish can be cumbersome and unsafe with hot water dripping everywhere.

  • EcoServe is extremely environmentally friendly as it is powered by Eco Burner. Eco Burner is a refillable, stainless steel burner that is adjustable in temperature and wind resistant. It is filled by an exact mix of butane and propane to ensure a clean burning vessel and an extremely safe environment. Gel and wicks, used in chafing dishes are dangerous and extremely bad for the environment, with the toxic, tainted remains going into landfill. Empty Eco Burner fuel cans are full recyclable. For more, read our previous story on what our existing customers have done to save the Australian environment CLICK HERE

SPACE SAVER – Picture shows three GN1/1 EcoServes stacked at just 21cm high

There are added benefits to using EcoServe GN1/1. Gastronorm EcoServe comes with folding legs which provides an excellent storage solution. You can store three units in place of one chafing where the lid is fully folded under or five EcoServe GN1/1 where the lid of the chafing dish is fully up. Contact us for GN1/1 storage solutions such as a purpose built flight case or service trolley insert.

You can order your EcoServe Gn1/1 with or without a soft closing cover. The covers are easily removable to give you different service options and the height can be adjusted to work with an array of different pots and pans. The cover mechanism consists of a condensation catcher which provides great food presentation.

EcoServe GN1/1 comes in a range of finishes. Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Brushed Stainless, Polished Stainless and White

Eco Serve GN1/1 will be available from April


The latest catalogue showcases the whole EcoServe range and accessories as well as the features and benefits of using EcoBurner

For pricing or more information, either contact your local hospitality equipment supplier or contact us via email or on 1300 822 533