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Eco Serve – Safe, Green & Stylish

EcoServe is powered by EcoBurner and is changing the style of buffets worldwide while saving water, reducing waste going to landfill and cutting carbon emissions.

Top Hotel News, May 2019

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About Eco Serve

EcoServe is a sleek, waterless food warming solution designed to create a brand new look for Buffets, Canapés, Corporate, Functions, Home Entertaining and Private Suites.
Thanks to the addition of the EcoServe cooling system, EcoServe is now a complete food presentation solution. You can now serve food hot or cold for buffets, corporate suite, outside catering and much more. No need for cables or transporting water 
Transform your EcoServe into a cold station to keep dishes cool for up to five hours per unit.
Freeze the EcoServe cool pack overnight and then simply remove the hotplate and heat pan from the EcoServe and swap it for the frozen cool pack that’s custom made to fit exactly.
Cold seafood or salad is now an option as your guests can enjoy hot or cold dishes presented in EcoServe.


The Most Cost Effective Food Warming Solution on the Market

You only need to run Eco Burner on the lowest setting to maintain perfect food temperatures. Running Eco Burner on low plus the unique thermal heating techology ensures that one Eco Burner can last over 8 hours before being refilled. In addition, it only takes around 5 minutes to heat up. With low capital setup costs and low hourly running costs, Eco Serve is hard to beat

Flexible Food Serving Solution

In addition to the Eco Serve cool pack to serve cool products, Eco Burner is adjustable in temperature. Turn Eco Burner up & add a little water to steam products like dim sims, dumplings and seafoods etc. We have even slow cooked a casserole in a cast iron pot using Eco Serve.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s no other way to put it, Gels & Wicks are Toxic. The fact is that after the buffet is finished, gel and wick cans are NEVER empty. So, this toxic waste is then going into waste and then landfill. You use 100% of Eco Burner fuel because Eco Burner itself is refillable and when the fuel can is empty, it is safe to be disposed of in standard recycling


Gels and wicks are also dangerous. How many times after the buffet is finished have you seen someone blow out the gel to see a puff of smoke blow into their face. This is toxic carbon monoxide! How many times have you seen someone tip over a gel and a tablecloth or even their apron catch fire? What about the fact that you can barely see the flame and therefore hard to know if it is lit, have you seen them get thrown out still alight? The patented Eco Burner has a number of safety mechanisms and features such as: overturn shut-off switch / high heat shut-off switch / visible, clean burning radiant flame / cool to touch / on-off dial.

In addition, Eco Serve is waterless and therefore staff don’t have to carry hot water to the buffet any more.


The Eco Burner is a fantastic product since we have started to use the Eco Burner we have been able to be more flexible with where we can hold functions due to the Eco Burner being windproof. The Eco Burner is always cool to touch even after hours of use making it much easier to handle compared to old gels&wicks that often required a heatproof glove to get in and out from the chafing dish, the safety features the Eco burner has met all of our ambitious safety standards which is one of the reasons why we made the switch to the Eco Burner. The Eco Burner is able to keep a chafing dish at the optimal temperature with only one unit whereas I would have needed 2 or 3 gels before to keep the same dish hot, with such an improved level of performance it was a pretty easy decision to make stop using gels and start using Eco Burner.

With all of the above advantages of the Eco Burner and the savings, we make due to the lower running cost of the Eco Burner and the 0% wastage I can confidently recommend the Eco Burner to anyone.


Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has been awarded Advanced Eco Certification by Ecotourism Australia. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, The Resort has been recognised as one of the leading ecologically sustainable tourism operators in Australia, providing guests with an opportunity to experience and learn about the Island’s unique ecosystem with minimal impact. We are constantly trying to improve the standards of our operation and implement eco-initiatives to make the island a role model in best environmental practice.  Eco-burner is part of our strategy.  Apart from being an extremely cost-effective and safer product, eco-burner is environmentally friendly with no fuel waste. Carbon emissions are reduced by 75%. We are very pleased with this product.


By making the change from gels to Eco Burner we have noticed a reduction in running cost thanks to the Eco Burner being refillable, there are 0% waste and the fact that you only need one Eco Burner per food station makes the Eco Burner an easy choice for our market place experience. The Eco Burner’s 75% reduction of carbon emissions is another bonus as we want to do what we can to become a more environmentally friendly hotel.



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