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Eco Pan – The Perfect Food Warming Solution for Resort & Outdoor Buffets

The Pacific Islands is the most beautiful holiday destination in the world. It’s no wonder it’s a dream for people from all over the world to experience. We’re sure places like Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu & New Caledonia are all in people’s minds to visit as soon as they are allowed to. Pacific Island resorts sprawl out overlooking crystal clear waters & palm tree laden shores which is the best place to lay around, sip on a cocktail and dine on the region’s beautiful seafood & tropical fresh produce.

With buffets being the preferred choice of dining, the best way to serve the product has always been a challenge. Outdoor and open plan restaurant dining is often exposed to the trade winds & can be long distances from kitchens.

Eco Burner have designed the perfect solution to serving outdoor buffets – Eco Pan. Eco Pan is a completely wind-proof solution that converts your chafing dish into waterless, so your staff don’t have to carry water out to the area – which is either HOT water and therefore very dangerous or COLD which take a long time to heat up costing money. The average chafing dish wastes up to 5,000 litres of valuable water per year.

Watch The Pacific Islands Focused Video To See The Benefits of ECO PAN

Do the below images look familiar?

Eco Burner’s & Eco Pan’s design properties combine to ensure that your system will continue to operate effectively in even the blowiest of conditions and that’s without the use of foil and other attempts to block the wind. We were surprised when we tested the Eco system with an industrial fan, turned on high and placed only 1-2 meters away. It didn’t affect the operation at all.

How does Eco Pan Work?

The critical part is that it is ‘powered by Eco Burner’! Eco Burner is adjustable in temperature, wind-proof and easy to use. More importantly, Eco Burner reduces your carbon emissions by at least 75%. Is a safe product to use, particularly compared to the toxic & dangerous gel & wick fuels. Lastly, because Eco Burner is so efficient and 100% of the fuel is used you will save at least 50% in costs.

Eco Pan took months to bring to fruition, using 304 grade stainless steel and an aircraft grade aluminium heating pan, a heat chamber with thermal conduction technology was developed. Eco Pan has perfectly even heat coverage, it heats up in just 10 minutes & because there is no steam caused by water, food remains in perfect condition for hours on end!

Eco Pan has perfectly even heat coverage, it heats up in just 10 minutes & because there is no steam caused by water, food remains in perfect condition for hours on end!

Is it easy to convert?

Yes, it is extremely easy and should take less than 1 minute to do so. Simply remove your water pan out of your chafing dish, insert Eco Pan & slide in the lit Eco Burner….that’s it!

Are there any introductory Eco Pans special?

YEP! Up until the 1st of November, we will actually trade-in  your old water pan (not the chafing dish or the food pan…just the water pan) ….no matter what the condition. There are some terms & conditions, but the offer is pretty straight forward and a great deal.

So fill out the below contact form & we will send you pricing plus the T&Cs straight away!

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