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Durafrost – Automatic Glass Chilling System

Durafrost is an advanced glass chilling device that adds a new level of wow factor to making cocktails. Some of the stand-out benefits of Durafrost are stated below:

  • Automatic timed activation which means while the glass is chilling, you can carry on with other activities such as preparing garnishes or pre-mixing the cocktail

  • Saves on fridge space by not having to store a range of glasses

  • Eliminates odour associated with being stored in refrigeration

  • KILLS bacteria

  • Glasses can be chilled upright so you can also add ice to the glass & chill the ice at -40C so it lasts longer, particularly in drinks served on the rocks such as whiskey

  • You don’t have to touch the glass during operation to ensure there is no injuries from the CO2 and extremely cold temperatures

Durafrost has a stylish, compact design with multiple LED colour & dimmable lighting options

Click on video below to see the operation of Durafrost

To find out more about Durafrost and the rest of the Duravin+ Wine & Champagne preservation system range, please click on the link below

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