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Toyo-Sasaki Glass Takasegawa Tumbler Clear 420ml

Japanese Glass Takasegawa Tumbler, By Toyo-Sasaki Glass.

In 2006 the design and features of the Takasegawa glassware series received the Good Design Award. This award has been the sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. The “G Mark”, the symbol of the award has been recognised widely as a mark representing good design.

This Semi Lead Crystal glass tumbler is made by Traditional Craftmasters, TSG’s Handmade glassware production is delicately guided by Certified Traditional Craftmasters, A prestigious prefectural title for artisans who have attended the highest level of skill and knowledge on traditional Japanese regional heritage crafts.

Each hand crafted piece of glassware may slightly vary in shape, size, and colour which gives each product a uniquely distinctive artistic flavour.

The design features of Takasegawa is it’s unique texture in design, with sturdiness and heaviness peculiar in hand made glassware. You will be fascinated by its handmade warmth, clarity and transparency as you use over time.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 13cm

Capacity: 420ml

Material: Semi Lead Crystal

Colour: Clear

Origin: Japan

Availability: Indent

This item is dishwasher safe

Toyo-Sasaki Glass Design and make more than 100 different types of Sake glasses by hand and machine.

The Sakes glass are classic and elegant which have been designed by the well known industrial designer Sori Yanagi over 50 years ago.

Toyo-Sasaki Glass (TSG) were founded back in 2002 following the merger of two Japanese oldest and largest glassware manufacturers dating back to 1878, Toyo -Sasaki first commercialised and introduced toughened glassware brand “HS” line in Japan in 1967.

Semi Lead Crystal: Silicate glass containing more than 10% but less than 24% lead oxide. Alternatively, Silicate glass which contains lead oxide less than 24% or the sum of lead oxide, zinc oxide, barium oxide and potassium oxide is more than 10%. Semi lead crystal give superb clarity and transparency while carrying the strength and light weightiness of soda lime glass.

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