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Eco Serve
flexible Buffet Presentation Solutions


A WATERLESS buffet presentation system that offers hotels and banqueting venues many benefits. By using hotplate technology instead of water pans, EcoServe completely eliminates the need for water so staff don’t waste energy filling, heating or transporting water to and from the buffet. This speeds up set-up and breakdown saving countless staff hours while improving the safety of staff and guests as there’s no more steam or boiling water to avoid.

Available in Gastronorm and round versions & come with a huge range of accessories. Eco Cool are cool pack that converts your Eco Serve from hot food holding to cold food holding

Eco Serve Product Range


No more filling, heating, or wasting water. Better quality food – no steam/ condensation dripping. Saves water – more sustainable.


Heats up in less than 10 minutes. Simple & safer process for changing food dishes. No electricity or cables are needed.


Set buffet up in any location indoors/ outdoors. Buffet design can suit Chefs’ style or occupancy levels. Hot or cold options.


Available in either a standard GN size to fit in with the architecture of commercial kitchens around the world or in different-sized round versions – all in a selection of colours.


A range of cookware and accessories are available and designed specifically to complement and enhance any buffet presentation where EcoServe is being used.


We have some beautiful serving pots to complement the EcoServe range.

Figgjo is a Norwegian brand that uses traditional craftsmanship and modern machinery to translate a classic design into functional and durable porcelain. All dishes are made to measure and fit the large and small EcoServe exactly. We also have specifically designed-for-purpose, AluChef pots which is a lightweight, cast aluminium that are made to look like traditional cast iron casserole pots

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