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Eco Burner Fuel

EcoBurner Fuel

EcoBurner fuel #9009 is a unique butane/ propane mix that produces up to 75% less carbon than any gel or wick chafing fuel. As EcoBurner fuel burns in the EcoBurner, it produces minimal Carbon Monoxide making it a safer choice for heating buffet near staff and guests. The fuel cans are used to refill the EcoBurner and are fully recyclable which means zero wasted fuel and reduced waste to landfill.

  • 5 refills per can – Each EcoBurner Fuel Can contains five refills giving you up to 36 hours burn time per can.
  • Zero WASTE – No leftover fuel at the end of service, simply use the fuel contained in the EcoBurner at the next buffet service.
  • Less CARBON – up to 75% less carbon than gels or wicks as certified by Carbon Footprint Ltd.
  • No toxic fumes
  • Cleaner burn – no black smoky residue left on cookware.

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