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Prestige Champagne Saber

Prestige Champagne Saber

What would be the end of year celebrations without Champagne, a sparkling symbol of French elegance and refinement ? Loved worldwide for its light, sparkling bubbles and its unique taste, it’s the standard bearer for the image and attractiveness of France. The opening and serving of Champagne is imbued with a certain ritual. The most emblematic of these is still the sabering of the neck of the bottle.

To perpetuate this centuries-old tradition, the Claude Dozorme Company is reissuing a magnificent range of sabres entirely made in France in the heart of the family factory in Thiers.

The practice of sabering champagne dates back to the nineteenth century and the hussars of the Napoleonic Guard. Indeed, these brave warriors used to pay homage to victory, vigor, virility and the ladies by … blowing up the champagne cork with a simple flip of the blade. They sabered the Champagne.

Somewhat fallen into disuse in recent years, sabered remains a true symbol of the French way of life, both chic and timeless and invariably evokes the most beautiful solemn parties.




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