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TD Innovations Provide a range of Speciality products to suit your individual needs

TD Innovation’s portfolio includes innovative product ranges suitable for health, aged care & central production kitchens. The ranges include:

-Crockery with in-built hot/cold technology for vastly improved meal temperature maintenance.
-Meal transport equipment including the innovative CO2 chilled trolley that has no on-board technology while maintaining cool temperature autonomy for over 15 hours and complying with HACCP requirements.
-Specialist crockery for systems and special needs requirements
-Heating and cooling technology for pantries and dining rooms including innovative invisible induction heating
-Super lightweight serving vessels for homestyle serveries

Our extensive range of Japanese cuisine and beverage products consists of Japanese & sake glassware, stoneware & signature table pieces, charcoal cooking equipment as well as traditional Japanese kitchen equipment.

TD Innovations is able to source a myriad of high quality, cost effective goods from abroad such as, hospitality table top, operational equipment, custom products & consumables and hotel & restaurant furniture. Our process includes qualified quality checks at different stages of the production process and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee

Speciality Product Range